Friday 14 June 2013

We, the citizens of the strawberry generation-demi tay

Eight in 10 students claim that they can take hard work and adversity in their stride. However, only 60 per cent of those surveyed demonstrate the basic ability to be able to cook a meal for themselves.The poll of 100 students by npTribune also revealed that 91 per cent of them believe they lead a comfortable life. Most do not perform household chores beyond the washing dishes or sweeping the floor, which they do only occasionally.This generation is said to be the strawberry generation as nowadays,youths are easily discouraged by minor setbacks.strawberry generation is to  describe fragile youths today who easily succumb to pressure.

i feel that teenagers should stand up to their problems instead of hiding away from their problem. parents should do their part by asking teenagers to solve their own problem and do not always back them up when teenagers meet a problem.parents should let them solve their own problem and so the teenagers would be more experience in knowing how to solve their own problem and be able to be able to be more stronger and not discouraged by minor setbacks.

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