Saturday 21 June 2014

Is the Singapore soil fertile for creativity? by Ki Eunyu

Is the Singapore soil fertile for creativity?

Summary: Singapore has been focusing on creativity recently. However, there seems to be some barriers to innovative mindsets. Firstly, the organisational structures in Singapore focuses too much on authority. Less people hence share their ideas openly. To be creative and diverse, all ideas must be accepted and goals should be set. Another way to increase innovative spirits in the workers is to reward them when they have innovative ideas.

Opinion: I feel that creativity is very important in life. In a world where conformity exists, creativity will make each individual unique. Leaders of the country should work hard to achieve creativity in the country. The education system in Singapore should also be improved so that there is more creativity and not just simply memorising facts.Singaporeans should not be afraid of failure but take the courage and risk to be creative for Singapore to succeed and progress on.

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