Thursday 19 June 2014

Baby tech: Will new gadgets result in paranoid parents? -Yen Yuen

Today, many tech start-ups view new-borns and infants as a great opportunity to earn money as they started to develop baby-related technological products.

Examples of baby-related technological products:
·         Owlet Smart Sock
·         Mimo Baby Monitor
·         Carkoon
·         Sleevely SmartSleeve
·         Origami Stroller
·         Ultimate Wipes Warmer
·         Cry Translator

Companies believe that such products will help parents and increase the safety of their children.

However, there are two sides to a coin. While these baby-related technological products bring advantages, there are some limitations as well.

Firstly, Hi-tech purchases come with a substantial price tag. First-time parents, who are at their most obsessive about safety, are the most susceptible to manufacturers' marketing and claims to be 'best for your child’, resulting in some expensive purchasing mistakes.

Secondly, instead of trusting their instinct, parent will tend to rely on a machine that is not medically tested to read a situation.

Thirdly, not all baby-related technological products is 100 % helpful. For example, True Fit iAlert, a hi-tech child seat currently sold for $400 that sends a smartphone warning if a child wriggles free of its straps. Features of the car seat, including a monitor for an exact angle of recline, are unnecessary and likely to increase anxiety.

In conclusion, technology brings both benefits and harm.


Personally, I feel that the invention of baby-related technologically products are useful in assisting parents in taking care of their children. However, they should be mindful not to rely on these products too often because, as mentioned in the article, these machines are not medically tested to read a situation. This especially applies to first-time parents as they are not familiar with taking care of their children and by using these products, it may even cause more anxiety in them. Thus, I suggest that they could seek the help of the child’s grandparents as technological products are not 100% perfect. This could also prevent the incur of  unnecessary cost which may cause financial burden on the family.

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