Wednesday 11 June 2014

GM Food Feeds The World By: Sherman Teo

There is one place on earth where farmers have it hard, it is sub- Saharan Africa. Most people are farmers, but not for profit- to survive. Africa is the one continent that cannot feed itself. But GM has for years been viewed with suspicion across the continent. Uganda's government here is beginning to adopt a "by any means necessary" policy to tackle their own national food shortages. They are working to develop their own Africa solutions to African problems, and clearly believe that GM is part of that solution. That is why millions of dollars are being spent on trying to develop drought resistant maize. It is an expensive project, but the big bucks of the Gates Foundation and Monsanto already mean that research is well advanced.

Opinion:In my opinion, I believe that African countries should start relying of GM food crops because they are unable to feed themselves and they are going through a famine. With GM food crops, it will help them support their citizens therefore they can live longer rather than dying due to hunger which can be cured through these food crops. I believe that the African government should just give in to allied powers who are willing to help them with their crisis.

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