Wednesday 25 June 2014

Migrant workers in Singapore by Ryan

Summary: Foreign workers made up about 15% of the population in Singapore, as they are low-skilled they are unable to switch job and their work are laborious and compensation is modest. As it is economic factor that they were drove to Singapore, to improve their welfare work-related polices would be an effective way. Political will is needed to have the policies to be made effective. Regulating agents and payment of wages is one of the political will where making sure that agents does not charge the workers too much and that have some kind of electronic payment for workers so that if wage related problem complain can be deal with.

Opinion: In my opinion, government should do more effort to help such foreign worker problem as for Singapore to continue be develop we need to rely on this foreign workers. Such effort would be beneficial to both Singapore and the foreign worker, Singapore would be able to continue being develop and foreign worker will continue to earn money in Singapore.

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