Saturday 21 June 2014

Is the Singapore soil fertile for creativity by ZhiGang

Singapore’s drive for productivity has focused on the key component to boosting organizational performance which is innovation. Despite the importance of innovation, companies unknowingly put up barriers to innovation. If a company wants to foster innovation and creativity, they should be able to recognize these barriers. As a matter of fact, putting in a place that encourage a spirit of creativity can fuel innovation which are some ways to help to foster the mindset of innovation in the generations.


To foster innovation in people today is rather complex because companies unknowingly build up barriers against the way to foster innovation which is challenging. People nowadays have different perspectives to the way of life, some people faces failure or successes differently which shows the difficulty on implanting innovation into the mindset of people today. Also, people today are unwilling to take risks for fear that it will lead to failure which shows why people lacks innovation. The first step is always the most important in our lives.

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