Friday 13 June 2014

Making progress means taking risks and making brilliant blunders by JunTian

Summary: Progress is not a direct route to the answer, but a complex, zigzag path, involving many false starts and blind alleys. Blunders are not only inevitable; they are also essential to innovative thinking because they point the way for other explorers. One may wonder whether today’s highly competitive, funding-starved scientific atmosphere, in which publications and citations have become a primary criterion for success, can accommodate such mistakes. The simple answer is yes. Indeed, they are as important as ever. Brilliant mistakes are not those that result from haste, sloppiness or inexperience. Rather, they are the mistakes that arise from thoughtful, meticulous experimentation based on bold ideas — the kind of ideas that can lead to major breakthroughs. Mistakes in one field can also lead to a major discovery in another.

Opinion: I strongly feel that making mistakes is not something to be ashamed of, unless it is a result of our laziness or carelessness. Otherwise, mistakes serve to guide us to the correct path so that we can eventually succeed in what we hope to achieve. Mistakes are also reminders for us so that we can continue to work harder. It has also been proven that mistakes to us might also be something big to others, hence we should not be afraid to make mistakes. We should also be brave to make mistakes when trying to be creative and innovative as this is the only way to have breakthroughs.

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