Wednesday 19 December 2012

A Story about a teen hero

Adam was only 5 years-old thEn, when his mother suffered from cancer and died as there's no suitable donor for her as the cancer spread throughout her. Adam'S father thEn re-married another woman and that woman became his mother. When he was 10 years old his mother gave birth TO a girl and he had a sister. His new mother treated him as good as his mother, so when one day his mother and sisteR FELL ILL had failure in their body. His mother had kidney failure and his sister had heart failure. He decided to work after school to raise money to find a good doctor at a good hospital to save his family. he did it all the way till he was in secondary two and over heard his mother told TELL his father that they had not much time left. so he decided to sacrifice himself for them as he doesn't DIDNT want the same thing happen again. He WROTE write a death letter that when he died please ALLOWED THE DOCTORS TO use his organs to save his mother and sister.
Only until THE next morning when his father found out that he did not leave his room, he went in and check on him. It was than thry THEY found out he had commited suicide to save people he loveD. He was a hero that safe WHO SAVED more than one PERSON people. HIs family was sad and happy at the same time as they feel FELT proud of him being able to such a hero.

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