Sunday 9 December 2012

Should Handphones Be Used In Class Lessons: Sherman Teo

Hand phones should be used in class because students are able to take down notes quicker and nowadays it has quicker access to the internet as compared to a computer. Hand phones fulfil simple tasks such as calling and messaging. They can even be used to do research when it is needed. Students are also able to take picture of the notes which teachers write on the board and that lowers the chance of the students losing his notes. Hand phones are a more interactive as compared to the usual copying down of notes.

Hand phones should not be used in class because some students do not have self control therefore, they will play with their gadgets instead of using them wisely. They may not even take notes during class but instead play games or even watch videos without the teachers noticing. This might affect other because they themselves want to do it too since the teacher does not notice at all. Students who cannot afford a phone will not be able to learn much therefore making them feel left out.

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