Tuesday 11 December 2012

cyberbullying by demitay

May has never encounterED bullying in her primary school life till she went to secondary school. At first, everything was smooth sailing WHEN she met new friends and teachers. After two months, she gets GOT to know two friends and they becAme best friends. The teacher assigned the class with projects involving presentation and PowerPoint slides on volcano eruption. May and her two friends got into a group and went to the library to work on the project after school.
Half way through, May realized that the school was about to close and decided to save HER PROJECT into her thumb drive when she realized it was at home. Both of her friends did not bring IT too. At last, they had decided to send into HER my Hotmail. If may DID do not reach home by 7pm she WOULD will get scolded by her mother. So not knowing THAT both of her friends are WERE behind her, she continueD to type her password.
The very next day, may openED her computer as usual. To her horror she saw many nasty comments about her. Realizing someone haD entered her account she remembered yesterday that she did not hide her passwords from her friends and confirmED that they were the ones behind this. As she scrollED down she saw her best friends sending messages mocking her and after this mEssages proved her instinct was right. Tears rolled down from her eyes and she started cutting herself with a knife AND blood oozed out from her arms. Not telling anyone SHE swallowED all the sorrow…

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