Tuesday 11 December 2012

News Article-Porcupine's prickly defence mystery solved: By Lim Kay Ray

According to research, there are 30,000 quills on a North American porcupine. These quills are structured so that they effortlessly enter the flesh but do not leave as smoothly as the tip of these quills were found to reduce penetration force but maximise staying power. These animals are slow-moving nocturnal creatures which means that they do not run towards their predator.
Since these creatures are slow-moving nocturnal creatures and they do not run toward a predator, their quills must be easily detachable and this proves that they do not shoot their quills in the air. I think that the porcupines are creatures which are not hostile, AND DO NOT charging towards you if in danger as they are slow-moving nocturnal creatures.

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