Tuesday 11 December 2012

Should Handphone be used in class lessons?

Handphone should be used in class.  not the students own handphone but The school SHOULD PROVIDE HANDPHONES FOR US. If it’s the school’s phone there won’t be any games or music in it. With the current technology IN of handphoneS, teacherS could have AN easier way to teach the students, and students can do research with the phone. Since the phones is ARE not their fellow schoolmates or classmates, they can’t steal the phone as the school will HAVE has a way to find who the one who steal it.THE THIEF
Handphones should also not be used in class as students may do something that they shouldn’t be doing. Even if the phones belong to the school, the teacher may not know what the Students may do as the screens are small and there is no application to check ON THE STUDENTS what others phone are doing unlike computers at school computer labs. If the phone used was the students they may play games or do other things that are available On the phone and may be distracted in class.

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