Friday 28 December 2012

A story of a teen hero: By Lim Kay Ray

"Aaaah! Help! Somebody help me! Robbery!" cried Anna, a lady in her mid 20s.
"Another word from you and I'll slash this blade across your  pretty face. Now hand over the money and all your jewelry!" demanded the burly man, a medium-built man in his mid 30s, with a silver blade in his hand. Anna, now terrified of her face being disfigured, slowly took off her jewelry and took out her wallet from her handbag. Henry, a courageous boy, saw this scene and immediately informed the police, then running near the scene and shouted at the man to stall time. 
"Go away boy! Or she will be disfigured by my blade!" the burly man shouted across. Anna gestured to me to go away with tears rolling down her cheeks in fear. Soon, the sirens of the police car was heard then the man grabbed her jewelry and took flight. Policemen soon arrived at the scene and dashed toward the robber. A policewoman came to comfort Anna and another came to take my statement.

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