Friday 14 December 2012

Reservoirs can make local flooding worse by demi tay

Summary: The scientists found that rain patterns around bodies of water in Chile were much higher than in similar areas without them. Previous research in this field has focused on the impact of dams on local climates. There is evidence that standing bodies like reservoirs and lakes can alter rain patterns by increasing the amount of water that evaporates. Circulating air patterns in the atmosphere above the boundary between the water and the land and this can initiate thunderstorms and showers. The impact can be significant. One study showed that extreme precipitation increased by 4% per year after dams were built. Chile has a large variety of climates ranging from areas that get 0mm of annual rainfall to places that get more that 4,500mm. Installing water reservoir that will change things totally and that will lead to flooding. Engineers get fired when there's flooding because they didn't do a good design, but someone else installed a water reservoir and the climate changed The scientists found that the most intense rainfall was measured at weather stations located near water bodies, especially in drier climates.
Opinion: I think that instead of reservoirs, people should try to find another way of getting water, as with more water there would be more flooding leading to an increase of death. The impact will be greater in urban areas than rural areas. Otherwise, those places that are more prone to flooding should improve their defenses against floods. People of the country can also help by disposing the rubbish properly or building the drain deeper and having cleaners to clean the drain once in two weeks to allow the water to flow smoothly. In short, people can reduce flooding by putting some efforts together so by these efforts they can make a difference.

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