Tuesday 18 December 2012

Violence in USA by Kai Yi

Summary: Last Friday, the gunman, Adam Lanza aged 20, shot his mother at home before driving to school with 3 of his mother's guns. He forced his way into the school and killed 26: 20 children and 6 adults, in Sandy Hook Elementary School. He killed himself shortly after that. His motive of this killing spree is still unclear. This massacre is the second worst shooting in recent US history. Opinion: When i first heard about this news, i was totally shocked and deeply saddened by this. The gunman killed children as young as the age of five. I think that this is very cruel as 26 innocent lives were lost. Schools should be a safe place for children to learn and enjoy, and not for students to be frightened. According to the newspaper reports, the guns that shot the children and adults in the school were acquired lawfully and registered by the suspect's mother. There were have been many incidences of shooting happening in US nowadays, and many innocent lives were lost because of this. I think it is very dangerous; therefore, I feel that US should have stricter gun laws, to prevent tragedies of this to from happening again.

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