Saturday 29 December 2012

Delhi Gang-Rape by Zhi Gang

News Review:
Thousands of people staged peaceful protest in India's Capital Delhi, following the death of a woman who was gang-raped in the city. The 23-year old woman was savagely attacked and raped by a group of men inside a moving bus and her male friend is beaten up senselessly. Battered and beaten profusely, they were then dumped near an expressway in Delhi, where they were found by a passer-by. The woman, a paramedic student, who is on life support at a crowded city hospital was treated by doctors who were aghast by the extensive injuries. They said that this was the most grievous case of rape they have handled as it appears that a blunt object was used repeatedly by the attackers. However, she did not managed to survived from the specialist treatment in Singapore and died on early on Saturday in Mount Elizabeth Hospital.
I feel that India should change the law on the status on the woman. There has been many cases on mistreatment of women. Female foetuses were aborted and baby girls killed after birth leading to an appallingly skewed sex ratio. In the other hand, I am deeply moved by the change of reaction in India's Society. They feel that these should stop and punishment should be carried out for justice. Rape is also not regarded as the crime where the woman has to be blamed. I feel that this time India should take a blunt decision over the rape cases. Then only people don't dare to do such a thing. It would be a time to wake up and fight for justice in India.  

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