Thursday 6 December 2012

China Bus Drivers Given Bail After Strike Done by: JUNTIAN

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The first labor strike to surface in 26 years, the four Chinese immigrant bus drivers accused of inciting have been granted bail in a case that highlighted growing social friction caused by an influx of foreign labor.Three of the men who appeared in court on Thursday were allowed a bail of $10,000 . A fourth driver faces an additional charge of making an online post in Mandarin, was given a bail of S$20,000.The four drivers and the fifth already in jail were among 171 Chinese bus drivers of a state transport company who went on strike in protest at being paid nearly a quarter less than their Malaysian colleagues. The labor action disrupted about 5 percent of the city-state’s bus services
 Opinion: (pls write opinion eg "I feel that this strike could have been avoided.." and not feelings - sad, terrified..)
I felt terrified when I first heard the news that there had been a strike in Singapore. Fortunately, the issue was resolved almost immediately. I feel glad that Singapore’s police force is so efficient and are there to help us solve our problems. However, I am rather sad that our streak of not having any strikes for 26 consecutive years have been broken because of this incident. 

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