Monday 24 December 2012

The Teen Hero by Zhi Gang

"Don't try to move or I'll shoot!" threatened the armed robber, directing his threat to everyone in the bank. With trembling hands, Noah opened the drawer behind the counter and took out wads of cash, placing them before the robber. She also discreetly pressed the silent alarm located below the counter. This would not produce any sound to alarm the robber but would instead distress the signal to be sent directly to the police.

Meanwhile, the robber, not content with the wads of cash he had taken and put into a black bag he had with him, demanded that Noah hand over more cash.

"O-Only the manager has the key to the vault," stammered Noah in a tone as soft and meek as a mouse. Realizing that it would be a risk to remain in the bank for too long and demand that the vault be opened, the robber grabbed the loot that he had and dashed for the main door. Unknown to him, following Noah's pressing of the alarm, the police had already arrived at the scene. Armed officers were hiding at a strategic positions outside the bank, waiting to ambush the robber...

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