Sunday 9 December 2012


Mobile phones should be used in class as the students may take notes quicker and easier rather than hand-copying it onto a foolscap paper which they might lose. The students may also use the mobile phones to take picture of the whole slide on the screen or the teacher's notes on the board rather than continuing to copy onto the paper. This will save the teachers and the students a lot of time waiting for students who are slower to copy down the notes.

Mobile phones should not be used in class as the screens of the mobile phones are small and the teachers may not be able to see what the students are doing with their phones. Mobile phones may also be used for dishonest use when naughtier students may use it for playing games or messaging their friends in class rather than listening to the teacher. The diligent students, seeing the other students in class playing games, might be tempted to do so too. Students who cannot afford phones might succumb to temptation and steal the phone from a friend as he wishes to have one.

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