Monday 17 December 2012

Newtown school massacre BY JUN TIAN

Summary: On that fatal morning, after having gunned down his mother, the cruel gun man forced his way into an elementary school where TO INITIATE a bloody massacre was about to take place. A total of 8 boys, 12 girls and another 6 teachers were innocently murdered by the hands of this in-human gun man. After his utterly cruel act, he shot himself, ending his own life. Following this, tributes were made, and President Obama expressed that he is trying to take “meaningful actions” to prevent any similar cases from happening.
Opinion: When I first heard this devastating news, I was really disgusted to find put that another meaningless and cruel school massacre had TAKEN took place again. Innocent lives were taken away just because some guy decided to carry out a mass shooting in the school. I am really enraged to hear that something like that happenED. These kids were as young as six, and all of them had such a long future ahead of them. However, their life ended in this horrible massacre. I really think that the USA should reconsider their laws regarding guns. In fact, guns should be banned all together. Guns should be reserved only for military and police use. Normal citizenS should not have possession of guns. I first saw this news on twitter and people were all tweeting stuff like #prayfornewtown I am quite glad that everyone could express their GRIEF grieves and prayers for all the innocent victims. However, while expessing  our deepest regrets, clearly more has to be done to provide PREVENT more of these from happening. I  sincerely hope that more effort can be put into finding solutions to prevent more of such cruel act from happening again.

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