Thursday 6 December 2012

Should handphones be used in class lessons? ~JunTian

The question of whether the use of handphones in class lessons should be encouraged has been a hot topic of discussion among both teachers and students. Many feel that with the rapid improvements technology have brought about, it is now time for a change in the way teaching in classrooms are conducted. However, I am on the side of those who stand for the traditional pen-and-paper methods.
Whilst it is true that the use of handphones in class can allow students to go online and search for information they need immediately, this may not be exactly the best way to learn. For a start, information online is not a hundred percent credible. This means that students may not be learning the right things. Next, having a handphone in front of them is one of the greatest temptations a student can have in class. The urge to reply a message, the desire to go online to update their Facebook status  or just send a tweet, or play multiplayer games with their classmates is always there. The list goes on, and it is plain to see that the temptations may cause students to lose focus and no longer have interest in their lessons. 

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