Saturday 15 December 2012

Light smoking 'doubles sudden heart death risk in women' By: Sherman Teo

Summary:Women who are light smokers double their chances of sudden death. Research showed that are light smokers were twice as likely to die of a sudden heart problem as to those who had never smoked. But people who are older it can be SHOW the first sign of coronary heart disease, where the heart's arteries become blocked by fatty deposits. This study tells women how important it is to stop smoking.
Opinion: In my opinion, I think that we should not smoke and even if we do, we should quit it. Smoking is harmful to our body in many ways such as heart disease and many other cancers. This makes it very deadly and WE should stop before it causeS OUR that body any more harm. This reseaerch RESEARCH is just to prove that we are inhaling poison and it is not good to the body.

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